3 ways Bingtellar is here to help you - Join the tribe today

Hello ladies and gentlemen, You're about to withness a new way of payments and transaction, grab your pop corn, sit on a nice sofa as we introduce you to Bingtellar.

**Drum rolls**

Who is Bingtellar?

Bingtellar is a cryptocurrency and digital payment solution that facilitates buying, selling and trading of Gift cards, Bitcoins and other digital currencies. Bingtelar differentiates itself by providing the easiest and fastest way of transacting in cryptocurrencies.

1. You can buy, sell and Utilize Gift cards using Bingtellar

a. Paying your Netflix subscription, Shopping on Amazon, Subscribing & listening to the best songs on Apple music & Spotify? Bingtellar got you covered. You can buy all kinds of giftcards from us and experience the best.
b. You have gift cards that you don't know what to do with? You can sell them to us and get more value for your gift cards. We offer the best rates in the world.

2. We make Bitcoin so easy and cool

Buy, sell, and store Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies with Naira or Dollar is simple, secure, and safe when you trade with Bingtellar.Yes, with your Bingtellar, you can buy and sell bitcoin 24 hours a day/7 days a week… We allow users to swap between bitcoin and dozens of cryptos very quickly. .

3. Merchants can use our platform to make cross border payments

We understand the issues and difficulties business owners and merchants experience when making payments to foreign suppliers or when receiving payments from business partners and we have built a system that can help merchant flourish. Bingtellar aims to address concerns with respect to cryptocurrency - primary around security and reliability and also by making bitcoin the new way of digital payment, savings and remittance.

What makes the Bingtellar unique?

1. Easy-to-use: In only a few clicks, you can navigate through the platform, start a trade, get paid and enjoy all other services.

2. No sign Ups Required: Carrying out trades on the platform requires your email address and details of the transaction like the amount you want to transact and recipient details.

3. No Withdrawal fee, Zero and No hidden charges Unlike other exchanges, Bingtellar charges users no fees for deposit or withdrawal and there is no transaction charge attached.

4. Best Market rates: You get the best rates and value for your Bitcoins, USDT & Gift cards every time you choose Bingtellar. Indeed the best!

5. Fast Deposit and Instant Payment When transactions are processed, You get paid directly to your bank account in minutes. And Deposit of cash for buy orders are instant. Bintellar does it better!

6. No Transaction Limits With Bingtellar you’re limitless, transact any amount you desire daily without any threshold.

7. Excellent Security: By combining core functionality of a cryptocurrency exchange with indigenous / internally built independent payment processing solutions, Bingtellar is able to simplify the on-chain & off-chain processes making it easier for customers to experience simple, easy, secure and seamless crypto trading experience, workflow and processes. This therefore Eliminates P2P trades and dramas and the need for trusting individual sellers/buyers and this makes trades and payment really fast and possible.

8. Overall Efficiency: Bingtellar aims at constantly improving its user experience by reducing fees, releasing new features, increasing overall efficiencies, simplifying the verification and trading processes, and offering top-notch customer support. The platform’s interface is straightforward to figure out and use, making it ideal for everyone.

9. 5-star support, Live Chat and Trading Support: With Bingtellar, you enjoy an average chat response time of fewer than 46 seconds. One of our favorite features of the Bingtellar is their ability to provide assistance and resolve issues immediately.

10. Get started right away
You can learn more about Bingtellar through our website, Instagram feed, and Twitter. Feel free to reach out to our customer representatives via email hello@bingtellar.com, if you have more questions about trading.

What's our Mission at bingtellar?

At Bingtellar, our mission is to make economic freedom and prosperity a reality for all Africans; and we aim to drive crypto adoption on the continent by making it more fun, easy to use and inclusive for Africans whilst creating more daily use cases for it.

We plan to keep growing and support over 10 African countries by the end of the year, creating a simplified fiat on/off ramp for crypto on the continent.

👋 Finally, crypto just got easy. Life is really better and easier with Bingtellar and you shouldn’t miss out on trading your cryptocurrencies, giftcard and more with Bingtellar.

You can learn more about Bingtellar through our website instagram, and twitter. Feel free to reach out to our customer representatives via email hello@bingtellar.com, if you have more questions about trading or If you have any issues after making payment or need help figuring out the network to select, reach out to us our support team through our Help Center. would respond to you in less than 30min.