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Meet the team that's bringing change, powering a new generation in Africa.

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Who is Bingtellar?

Bingtellar is a technology-driven company that provides crypto payments solutions to both merchants and consumers. We make it easy and seamless for you to access, utilize & exchange digital currencies like bitcoin, Usdt, gift cards. We’re currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Bingtellar was launched with a simple aim to make crypto simply easy for all and increase cryptocurrency adoption in Africa. At Bingtellar, we seek to create a crypto-driven economy where there’s fairness, transparency and access. Today, Bingtellar is connecting Africans to the global economy, and local individuals and businesses can accept payments from anyone anywhere in the world without restrictions. We are leveraging the power of crypto to enable Africans to preserve their wealth, and we are creating access to investment and wealth-creation opportunities.

Work Process

How do we work?

Working at Bingtellar is an amazing experience. We believe in an environment that values entrepreneurship, intelligence and speed in everything we do. Diversity and multiple perspectives empower our vision, mission, and how we work.

We work hard and play even harder!


We love sharing ideas, it's a total vibe when you visit our office.

Building For You

We believe the easiest way to change the world is by building for you, building products that will reshape the future.

Making Trading An Experience

At Bingtellar, our goal is to provide a platform that serves your needs, as conveniently and quickly as possible.
We are passionate about Safe, Secure, Easy, Convenient & Instant Transactions.

Here are

Our Core Values

We’re a deeply mission-driven company,and these are the core ideas we return to when we do anything. They are more than just words. They're a way of life for us and they help us serve you better.

We foster an innovative culture and behavior, so as to provide our customers with best in class services, encouraging collaboration, promoting applied creativity, boosting productivity, while providing solutions that customers everyday life easier.

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Transparency is a core value we’ve chosen to have and we strive to live by. We want to continue providing value to our customers and We try to build a very strong relationship with our customers. We are always transparent in the customer support, be rest assured you can always depend on us.

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As we grow, our processes may change, things sometimes get tougher, but one thing we know for sure is that together we will change the world.

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We want to see you happy always, So we never stop working hard to deliver amazing services and products to our customers and team mates.

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