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Bingtellar is a financial services platform that lets you live a borderless life. Exchange digital currencies, receive money and send money globally, with lower fees and faster speed. On top of that, we're building a product for global citizens, remote workers, freelancers, businesses, contractors, international hires with features made just for you.

Through our platform you can:
• Easily receive payments globally in your bank account or mobile money wallets, in seconds
• Seamlessly send money from anywhere in the world to anyonne in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, etc )
• Convert into other currencies and back to USD, NGN, GHS, RWF, KES,UGX etc instantly.
• Convert to local currencies and into local payment methods • Keep your balance in dollars and protect against the devaluation of other currencies
• Send invoices to your international employers in just a few clicks & receive payment More coming soon! Join our community and let us know what else you'd like to see.

It takes less than 3 minutes to go through our onboarding. If your information matches our records, you will be pushed through immediately by our automated system. If not, we’ll ask for further documentation and get back to you in less than 24 hours. For help and more, contact support.

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Yes buddy. Security and safety is a number one priority. That's why we work with reputable partners and institutions to stay compliant and safe. Bingtellar is built on military-grade security and authentication by design, so every transaction you initiate is secure and be rest assured your data is safe! We believe that security and privacy are integral components of any digital experience. Bingtellar provides the highest level of security, privacy and convenience for our customers..

Bingtellar is live and open for everyone globally, BUT Payouts and Settlements Bingtellar is currently only available in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda but every day, we are working hard to make Bingtellar available to as many markets and people as possible.

If Bingtellar is not yet supported in your country, hang tight, it will be soon! Also, Feel feel to let us know where we should launch next.


Transfers & Payments

Once transaction is confirmed onchain, you will be get fiat in your bank accounts or wallets as quickly as 1 minute. Our goal is for every Bingtellar transaction to feel instant.

Most transactions take less than five seconds on Bingtellar. Most on-and off-ramp transactions take five minutes or less before they settle, however it can take up to 30 minutes for some transactions.

With Bingtellar, you get to receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world. Employeers, Business partners, HR teams or friends can easily bing you cash across borders effortlessly. Our products are designed to help you become truly borderless

With Bingtellar, you're limitless. You can send money anyone using your local currencies (NGN, GHS, USD etc) if you don't have crypto. Bingtellar will handle the end-to-end conversions, process the transaction for you and ensure your recipient gets corresponding value and money settled in their bank accounts or mobile money wallet in seconds. No worries!

All exchange rates are set in real-time at the time of transaction. Exchange rates can fluctuate from moment to moment. We use the real market rate as provided by and do not apply a markup or spread.

When sending a transaction We show you the price of the fiat currency you will exchange for digital currency before you fully initiate your transfer.

As exchange rates fluctuate, the price we provide will only be valid for a limited time. If the rate we provided expires, you will not be able to complete your transaction at that price and we will tell you to retry and advise the updated price. You can see fiat currency and digital currency prices in the transaction history in-App.

At all times we strive to offer the fairest exchange rates, ensuring you get better and more value for your money and transactions.


Other Questions

KYC and AML are internally built into our products but There are cases when we conduct KYC of designated customers and/or transactions. This only happens if our system or our partners’ system recognizes the transaction as suspicious. KYC might be conducted based on internal Company policies and external requirements of governmental authorities or financial institutions. Please be informed that we reserve the right to stop the provision of services in case a customer refuses to provide us with the requested KYC information. In this case the amount of the initial deposit will be transferred back to the same address.

To create a bingtellar account, you may be asked to provide the following information and/or documents (including, but not limited to):
- your full name, residential address, and phone number;
- a copy of your legal documents, such as an ID or a passport, a selfie of you.
- information about your occupation, a utility bill or any official proof of address.

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Please send a message to our support handles ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ) or email us: You can as well chat with a member of our support team via our live chat.

You can find a copy of our terms of service on our website here .

We currently have no fees for receiving deposits or processing payments for withdrawals.

We keep very competitive exchange rates (equal to or sometimes better than when you search it on Google, Wise, or Payoneer!) We don’t currently charge markups on these exchange rates. Fees and exchange rates will always show transparently as part of a transaction, unlike other applications.

We have only $0.2 - 0.5 transfer fee — when sending money. Our goal is to reduce these over time, until fees are near zero!

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